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simple accounts. simple payroll. simple life.

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save time

Smart systems, tailored to your business, will save you time. And, time is money.

save money

The right implementation will result in direct savings in labour costs, which will easily offset your upfront and recurring investment. It's money in your pocket.

decide how to spend it

More time with your family? More marketing cash to grow your business? More capital to reinvest in your future? How will you spend it?

it's instinctive thinking for every business.
but what's botbooks and how's it work?

top 4 reasons to choose botbooks TM

immediate results. numerical & dashboard reporting. meaningful forecasting. integrated addons

immediate results - so you can go fishing

Your bots are working 24/7 so you don't have to.

numerical & dashboard reporting - anywhere you are

Clear information any time of the day or night, whichever way you choose to look at it.

meaningful forecasting - so you can make decisions

Modern. simple. super fast. designed to help you see the future.

integrated addons - to give you more control

Integrated bots and smart software solutions will simply add value in every area of your business.

low cost, fast insights

botbooks´╗┐TM is your accounting, bookkeeping and payroll system that's right for today and tomorrow. It's a powerful combination of smart robot technology and people who care, tailored just for you and the way you want to run your business.

smart bots

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and simple to use smart software solutions all combine to make your life easier. The bots do the work and produce the results. They learn, and even see into the future. And you stay in control.

people who care

People who care are the foundation of good business partnerships. Our skilled people care and stay up to date with changes in the way you do business. Qualified people who are registered and insured to give you peace of mind.

a powerful combination

Bots extract and process your information and our skilled team checks the accuracy. Your know how (and wants) and our understanding of systems, processes and compliance, combine to simply give you the power to prosper.

if it saves you time and saves you money, why wait?

simple. botbooks - optimised & futurised accounting, bookkeeping & payroll

frequently asked questions

how is botbooksTM different?

One size doesn't fit all at botbooks. We partner with the widest range of solution providers so we can offer the right mix for the way you want and need to work. We have our favourites, but if they are not right for you, they are not right for us.

can I cancel or change my botbooksTM plan?

Yes! You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. In fact, our aim is to help you become self sufficient.

how much can I save with botbooksTM?

While every situation is different, with our bots working under their own steam 24/7, you can make savings in time an money a reality. Would cost savings of 25-75% be good for you? And then add income growth from improved productivity. It all adds up.

how secure is my data in botbooksTM?

Botbooks and its partners are committed to the highest level of security and privacy. All data is stored as per Australian Government and ATO requirements and protected by the highest level of encryption.

is there an uptime guarantee with botbooksTM?

Botbooks works 24/7 with hosted solutions housed within the most reliable facilities available. Uptime approaching 99.9% is a reasonable expectation.

is botbooksTM right for my business?

Almost certainly! Botbooks has the widest range of solutions. Even if you have started your digital transformation journey with Xero or QBO, we can help you achieve a better outcome. From the micro family business to the complex enterprise, botbooks will work for you 24/7 - now and into the future.